Kellie Arrowsmith Interview- New Novel JUST RELEASED ‘Skimpy’

Author- Kellie Arrowsmith


Interview by Alexandria Nagy

Published through CargoART Magazine

It seems that the zest for life Kellie Arrowsmith paints in her book ‘Skimpy’ translates fittingly into her actual persona.  Arrowsmith took the better part of two years to compile the contents of her charming novel, from conception to bookshelf.


“I wasn’t planning on anything to do with a novel when I went up to the Northern Territory, it was after I was up there and then moved back that I decided these stories should be in a book.”

Arrowsmith began the writing venture as a blog appropriately named ‘Kels Gone Bush’. She took the stories from these blogs and edited them into print form to create her hilariously raw work.

“It’s exactly what happened. No embellishment. A lot of it was from memory, actually. Everything that I put in there happened. You just can’t even make some of that up.”

Arrowsmith began her blog in 2012 as a way to document her travels and took her passion for writing and storytelling to the next level when she put it all in print. Arrowsmith began the writing project in August 2013 and finished it in March of this year.

“I always loved writing when I was a kid. I remember entering a competition when I was 12 and I won, my sister keeps reminding me of that.”

‘Skimpy’ is the first novel for Arrowsmith and the hype surrounding it is warranted.

“I did a lot of work to the book before I took it to a publisher and then I got myself an agent. I think this book is a mixture of good timing and hard work.

It was easier too because these things happened and I wasn’t writing about something from scratch.  It kind of wrote itself, in a way.”

Arrowsmith is not done yet though. Her creative journey is only just beginning with another book, a fiction novel this time, in mind.

“Fictional writing will be new for me because I am making it all up. It’s a new way of writing for me but really exciting”


Arrowsmith has taken the antics and memories of a pivotal time in her life and made them into a book so authentic and relatable that you simply want to know this woman; you want to be served a beer by her and know every enchanting and tantalizing story that didn’t make it into the book.


See published article at CargoART Magazine:

Kels Gone Bush Webpage:

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